Artwork for Christian Bachmann's latest concept EPs

Edelbier on Mindfield Records
Wurstparade on Yacht L.C.

The Fine Young Canine Ballscanine balls

Watch in high definition on Vimeo

Music (or a parody thereof) for Flavia Resch's mesmerising video, in collaboration with Lukas Westner.

Instrumental Electronicainstrumental electronica

A. Awesome is an album, result of hiding in a cellar, dark and grim, for one week with soft.nerd's Christian Bachmann, several years ago.
I'm proud to say it is still rather enjoyable and can be listened to and/or purchased online.

Für Liebe und Gerechtigkeit

For Love and Justice. Ideology in Design
Bachelor thesis

On how design, regardless of its content, perpetuates capitalist ideology and how information and interface design, aiming to empower them, patronise their users.

Some wanted to read them, so here you can download the theory, the manipulative instant soups and the Tragical Information Designer (in German).

Also, those who don't know what the title is about should see this educational video.

These are instant soup packages, each exemplifying different approaches of manipulation.
Not so much theoretical depth here, but they do make for a good eye-catcher.
Photograph: Sabine Decker
The tragical story of an information designer failing to meet his own standards,
struggling with education, advertisement and propaganda being the same thing.
Photograph: Sophie Kindermann

Plane Crash

smoking aircraft
The only way to deal with misfortune is to draw schematics thereof.


Sarasara Magajin - broadcasting private sexuality

Zine about people publishing their most intimate. Available at Edition Lieschen Montag

Photographs: Conny Mirbach

Macchinetta Groteskmacchinetta

Macchinetta started as an attempt to translate Nachnegrotesk, an all-caps bitmap font influenced by Italian poster design of the early twentieth century (the one that's all over this website), into a modern headline font. Additional cuts and weights are planned.

specimen booklet

Keeping CaveKC

Comic about a policeman waiting for something to do while the others are having a fun investigation.

making the best of it being bored
batlight batlight
batlight batlight
hum, hum, he said. hum!, he said, astounded.
hum, hum, replied he himself. hum there was none.
humbug closed in, hum, hum, he's dead.